How to prevent staining on your teeth

You might brush your teeth twice or even 3 times per day, but your teeth still aren't the sparkling white shade you desire. Staing varies by each person's teeth, the foods he or she eats and the measurements he or she takes to avoid staining.

Here are some foods/drinks that cause the most staining:


*Soy sause

*Tomatoe sause 



*Grape or cranberry juice

*Red or white wine



If many of your favorites are on this list, just remember to brush thoroghlt after eating or drinking them.

On the plus side there some foods that clean your teeth while you eat them by scrubbing the outer layer and brushing away plaque. Some foods are:





Some other ways to help your teeth shine are:

1. Drink with a starw. when you drink with a straw, the liquid is not coating all of your teeth like it would without one, making them less likely to stain.

2. Practice recommened oral care. This means brushing, flossing and rinsing regulary. 

3. Do not smoke. Smoked or chewed tabacco causes your teeth to yellow.

4. Professional custome inoffice whitening or over the counter whitening strips.

If you may have any questions or ready to schedule inoffice whitening consultation give us call 817-577-9200.


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