What is bruxism?

What causes bruxism?

Grinding is often a result of stress and anxiety. Abnormal alignment of upper and lower teeth is also a common cause of Bruxism. It is important to break or manage the habit of habit of grinding as soon as possible it to prevent long-term damange to your teeth.

How do I know if I have bruxism?

Most people who grind their teeth are not aware of it. Often a loved one makes them aware, observing on hearing grinding during sleep. Dentist look for signs of grinding by detecting tooth wear and receding gum lines. Physicians often diagnose teeth grinding as a cause of headaches.

Comman syptoms of bruxism include:


Neck Pain

Jaw or dental pain

Dental damage

Tooth fractures

Gum recession

How do you protect teeth from grinding?

Regular dental checkups are very important to detect damage from grinding in its earliest stages. Your dentist may suggest a mouth gaurd. It is the easiest way to break the habit of grinding and protect teeth from damage. 


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