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At Brookshire Dentistry , patients can receive care using the latest advancements in dental care including 3D printing.

3D Dentistry Q & A

What is 3D Dentistry?

3D dentistry is rapidly developing, and many dentists are taking advantage of these time saving techniques. Digital or 3D dentistry refers to the use of digital 3D printing, oral scanning, and the computer-aided design to fabricate crowns, stone models, bridges, and numerous other orthodontic devices. This revolutionary technology allows dentists to 3D print these items in an automated, and timely fashion. The devices made are still made from high quality materials such as titanium and ceramic but instead of having to wait weeks for an item to be ready, the dentist may apply the new orthodontic device during the same appointment.

What is the Appointment Process Like when Using a 3D Printer?

As an example, a crown procedure requires two visits. During the first appointment the tooth is prepared for the crown by removing a layer to make room for the device. Then an impression of the tooth is made and then is sent to a lab where the crown will be made. Without the use of a 3D printer, the patient will have to return to have their permanent crown attached to the tooth after two to three weeks. When a dentist does utilize 3D printing, the process can be accomplished much quicker. In fact, usually in one appointment. The tooth will still be prepared however, but instead of sending an impression off to a lab, the dentist will collect detailed digital images and scans of the person’s mouth and tooth. The same machine is used to “print off” the crown. The machine carves the specified crown out of a porcelain cube and after about 15 minutes the crown is ready and the dentist can attach it to the patient’s tooth.

Will 3D Printing Work for Me?

3D printing of a crown, bridge, or other orthodontic device can be very helpful, and can address a variety of concerns. To determine if the 3D printing option will be right for you, contact the office and schedule a consultation. The doctor will be able to go over the options with you and answer any questions you may have about the procedure.