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As a leading provider of cosmetic dentistry treatments, Dr. Tehrani offers patients in numerous treatments designed to whiten and brighten smiles. At Brookshire Dentistry, use the latest in teeth whitening treatments which have proven to be effective and safe.

Teeth Whitening Q & A

What Causes a Tooth to Become Discolored?

A person’s teeth turn yellow and become discolored because of numerous reasons. Usually, eating or drinking items which stain or using tobacco are the culprits. They are the most common reasons for discoloration. Surface stains can be removed with whitening treatments. When the tooth’s interior has been affected, either because of tooth injury or taking certain medications, the same treatments won’t work. These require internal bleaching or the use of crowns and veneers.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

The tooth whitening procedures which are used by professional dentists are designed to be very safe. Our office can assure patients that the treatments will be harmless and we will use the latest options available. Tooth sensitivity can occur after the procedure, however this will go away very soon and the doctor will ensure that any sensitivity experienced is minimal. Getting white, bright teeth will be a safe, cosmetic procedure which can improve a person’s confidence.

What Happens During Zoom Whitening?

Before the first whitening treatment occurs, the person will have her or his teeth assessed by the dentist. Here, the dentist will look for areas of tooth decay or damage which will require treatment or cleaning before the whitening process begins. Zoom whitening uses a state-of- the-art, light-activated hydrogen peroxide gel to give patients the best results possible. The process will begin with holding back the patient’s lips using a soft device. This is done to make sure that each tooth is hit evenly with the light and the gel. Then the gel is applied to the teeth and the light is focused on them, creating a chemical reaction which whitens teeth. This usually takes approximately 15 minutes. Once the time is up, the gel will be wiped away and the lip retainer will be removed. Patients can see results right away.